Make office space optimization and lease expiration decisions with 4SITE workplace utilization sensors.


The way your business operates has changed. How office space is used has changed. Remote work and the hybrid workforce are variables that require new approaches. 4SITE sensor-based workplace occupancy and space utilization platform will provide objective data to understand how the workforce is using your office.

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Affordable. Accessible. Actionable.


4SITE space utilization technology is designed to help you effectively and efficiently find the data-driven answers you need for office space optimization, without breaking your budget.

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Important questions, new calculations


There are three questions that are driving decisions about office space optimization in today's environment, "Is this space working for my workforce now?", "What type of space is needed for what comes next?" and "Should I stay or should I go when my lease is up for renewal?" 4SITE workplace utilization sensors provide the right information on how your space is being used so you limit financial exposure to space that isn’t working for you.

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Smart decisions, simply presented


4SITE workplace occupancy sensors deliver granular customizable data across multiple dimensions of time and locations. Information can be rolled up to a global view or drilled down to a sensor level, allowing the user to capture the insights that matter to their business. Having the right information about how space is being used by your teams will help prevent you from spending on space you don't need or that isn't working for your workforce.


Peace of mind is critical for business


Creating a working environment where employees can collaborate and thrive means making decisions that factor in safety and well-being for the workforce. Having the right information on how space is being used can help promote a healthy facility, one that comes from proactive and accurate information included in a 4SITE workplace occupancy study.

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New challenges. Customized solutions.


The way you run your business, the needs of your employees and the role of your workplace are as unique as the challenges they bring. Know what's right for what's next with 4SITE workplace utilization sensors.


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