Why 4SITE?


When you’re dealing with overhead costs, renewing a lease, employee productivity and most importantly, employee safety – you’ve got a lot of tough decisions on your plate. What makes these decisions even more challenging is the uncertainty of the future, especially in a post-COVID-19 world.

That’s why 4SITE is worth your time and investment. We are here to help you make more informed decisions before you make costly remodeling/reconfiguration plans or restructure your lease. Consistently measuring workforce utilization habits will enable you to optimize space to get the most out of your real estate investment. By harnessing data collected from your workplace, you’ll have insights into planning, operations, space usage and employee utilization like never before.


Sensors vs. badges vs. observational studies


You may have used observational and/or badge studies in the past to gather data on your workspace usage, but sensor data is the only thing that can truly help you drive the most effective decisions. Manual counts only provide a limited data set and employees can find it distracting and invasive if they’re being watched, thus they may act differently. Badge data is limited in its accuracy and leads to incomplete data, which forces you to make assumptions. However, installing sensors throughout your office space is much more cost-effective and will accurately record space-utilization data, driving more confident space decisions for your office.

Chart to compare sensor technology vs. badge-in vs. observational space utilization data collection
Office desk with space sensor

How does 4SITE sensor data rise above the rest?


Our sensors are self-installed and can be easily redeployed.


Our sensors provide affordable data per data point without breaking your budget.

Customized utilization reporting

Our dashboards can be customized to capture the insights most important to your business.

Easily installed

Our installation guides will show you how simple it is to get up and running.

Protects employee privacy

Our sensors provide anonymous objective data on your workplace use.


Battery and cellular hardware operates outside of your network, removing security concerns.

What now?


In the post-COVID-19 workspace world, you have questions. 4SITE sensor technology has the answers.

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