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Why the Flexible Office is the “New Black”

How can business leaders design a purpose-driven workplace without wasting time and resources on space that’s underutilized? CORT offers three powerful tools that can be used singularly or together to create a workplace that delivers exactly what an organization needs.

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What Flexible Offices Can Learn from Trauma-Informed Design

The “flexible office” is a concept that’s grown out of the pandemic. Creating a workplace that incorporates flexibility throughout its design, however, takes the right set of tools and data to produce.

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Creating the Future Office Space with Sensor Technology

Sensor technology can help alleviate concerns over office health & safety.

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Removing the Uncertainty

What data reveals about office occupancy and space utilization?

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Getting Scientific

Do you have the occupancy data you need to confidently assess your office space needs?

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Reforming Office Space

How data can help businesses bring workers back to the office safely today—and make informed decisions about tomorrow.

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