Measuring the Changes, Challenges, and Cost of the Post-Pandemic Workplace


During the global pandemic of 2020, it seemed that there was no industry that was immune from changing the way that business as usual was conducted or how their employees engaged with their work. As we all begin to see some light at the end of this journey and companies can start to explore how they will utilize their office space going forward, one thing is true, 4SITE by CORT is ready to help in a way that puts employee safety and comfort at the center of return-to-work strategy planning— while still helping a business understand the opportunities within underutilized space.

What's next for the post-pandemic workplace?

This year, we asked nearly 750 respondents across 12 industries to share their insights on where and how they are refocusing their efforts and making changes as they bring employees back to the workplace. We explored questions related to the return to work, office reconfigurations, and sanitization to offer new perspectives and ideas on how technology will play a role in helping organizations to become future-forward while planning for a safe return to work.

What we found may surprise you, especially the responses around the future state of office work. But as we all begin exploring the next "new normal," we hope these results help with making the kind of strategic changes that will help your business thrive in these uncertain times. 4SITE by CORT Workplace Survey