Evolution of Work: Questions Keeping You Up at Night

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For months, many of us have seen an increase in emails and advertising that mention "the future of work" or descriptions of how the office is evolving.

While this isn't a new topic of discussion, it is something that remains on the minds of business leaders and for good reason. Though the early days of the pandemic are behind us, we're not out of the woods just yet. We still have lingering questions like "what challenges will my business face next?"

This is what's keeping business leaders up at night.

For these questions and the many others that have gone unanswered, 4SITE by CORT is here to help. The workplace has been evolving for more than a decade, and now is the time to ask questions that challenge standard conventions and look towards a longer-term view of what the future of the office may look like.

Questions that Need Answers

Let's explore some of the key questions business leaders are proposing and the possible solutions.

“Is my office space effectively designed to enhance my employee’s workplace experience and productivity?”

Studies show that an employee's experience in the office can make or break engagement. An employee who is happy is more likely to be engaged with other employees and the company as a whole, and an engaged employee is more likely to be productive. They're also more likely to stick around for a while if they're comfortable in the workplace.
Sensor tech from 4SITE can help you redesign an office space that enhances your employees' experiences. By using data created from sensors placed around the office, you can get a better idea of how your employees use the space compared to how it's actually set up.

Maybe you have private offices, but your employees spend more time in collaboration spaces or vice versa. You may find that hotdesking works better for your staff than having assigned seating. Don't just guess what your employees want — use technology to take a look at the reality of the situation and make informed decisions.

"Once my employees return to the office, will we be using our space to its fullest potential?"

Sixty-seven percent of employers say they expect they'll have few employees on-site once everything returns to normal. If you fall under this category, you're probably wondering if your current office space is still suitable for your operations. After all, there's no sense in paying for space you don't need.

Once again, don't rely on your instinct to understand how your business utilizes your office space. Human error can be costly, but fact-driven data from 4SITE lays out the facts in front of you. You can renew or restructure your commercial lease with confidence because you know exactly what you and your workforce need to continue working in a post-pandemic world.

“What technology investments can I make to better prepare my business for the next change?”

One of the best ways you can prepare your business for the future is with an occupancy study. Many people choose observational studies, which can be an objective form of collecting data, but they can also disrupt your staff, don't offer continuous support, and aren't especially reliable. Badge studies are also popular, and they may not disrupt your staff, but they have several other disadvantages, such as they don't account for human error and they don't integrate data via API.

When you choose 4SITE sensor tech for your occupancy study, however, you get an objective look at how your employees use your office while removing the potential for human error. You also gain:

  • Continuous and automatically recorded data that doesn't require constant monitoring
  • Elimination of subjective data records
  • Occupancy and utilization data and analytics that the other types of studies don't provide
  • The ability to integrate data via API
  • Limited disruptions to staff
  • Affordable data per data point

If you make one technological investment this year, sensor tech by 4SITE is the choice that will give you a sizable return on investment.

“What can flexibility look like in my office space in the short and long-term?”

No matter what the future of your office space looks like three weeks from now or three years from now, flexibility on your part is key. If you're not sure what that means, we can help.

By combining the CORT Furniture as a Servicetm model and sensor tech from 4SITE by CORT, you're creating the perfect equation for success.

Employing our Furniture as a Service workplace option, you'll have full access to commercial-grade furniture without the cost of ownership. You can also change your furnishings as needed. We offer temporary social distancing commercial-grade office furniture solutions as well, to help keep your staff safe as we make our way to the other end of the pandemic.

Combine that service with our sensors to consolidate space, create a flexible workspace arrangement, improve sanitation, promote social distancing, and manage any kind of desk reservation system you may have in place.

Make Confident Decisions Even in Uncertain Times

We are living in uncertain times. Even so, there's no reason you can't make confident decisions. Whether you plan to stay in your office space, downsize, rearrange it, create a more flexible environment, or you're not sure, 4SITE can help guide you through this unique period in history so that you make the decisions that are right for your business today, tomorrow, and beyond. Here is how we do it:

Motion sensors

Start your occupancy study by adding motion sensors to your workspace — place them at desks, tables, on doorways, in conference rooms. Without disrupting work or disrespecting privacy, those tiny sensors will gather data on how your employees use your space each day. You can go on about your business while the sensors go to work for you.

Access to data

Want to access your data? Pull it up via our web-based dashboard. You can also access your own user analytics dashboard. Take a look at real-time data throughout the day, or pull up your history at any time.

Customized reporting

Our customized reports allow you to pull utilization data across multiple time frames or locations. The data can even be designated as departments or other characteristics you choose to assign. This allows you to slice and dice the data any way that supports your decision making process. You'll instantly see a correlation between the data and space utilization. It's all right there in one simple spreadsheet, and you can put it to work immediately.

Get a Return on Your Investment with Your Existing Space

At the end of the day, it's all about your return on investment. At some point, every business will face a challenge on how to best utilize its workspace. You can make an educated guess, but think about this: It costs, on average, around $10,000 to maintain a single workstation. Not only that, but every square foot of office real estate equates to about $300 in annual payroll expenses. With these numbers in mind, wouldn't you rather make confident decisions based on data rather than guesswork?

However the Future of Work Looks, 4SITE by CORT Is Ready

The way we work is evolving. Don't get left behind because you chose to rely on guesswork rather than real-time data that informs you of exactly what is happening in your office.

No matter the size of your business, 4SITE by CORT offers affordable solutions that help you understand how your employees are using your workspace. Make informed, confident decisions about space optimization, sanitization, proximity, and lease renewal by putting our sensors to work for you today.