What's Next: Facility Management Trends and Insights for 2023

Office building graphic with CORT and 4SITE logos

Over the last year, many organizations have adopted models that support the flexibility and convenience found while working from home. Aside from the usual blame that’s been placed on the COVID-19 pandemic, recent developments have shown that the workforce wants more than a place to sit and complete their daily tasks.

Today, people value organizations that provide them with a meaningful experience when they commute away from their homes. This is a sentiment that applies to employees, recruits, and clients alike.

When this consideration is applied with thought and meaning, alongside technology and functional office design, they provide a level of flexibility that allows organizations to give these individuals a sense of control within the workplace. The kind that can foster a sense of connection and support among the workforce.

This is why CORT Furniture Rental, the nation's leading provider of transition services, and 4SITE by CORT, joined together again and surveyed nearly 300 Resource Managers across different industries to delve into what approaches organizations are taking in 2023.

Overall, companies are being proactive in determining how to support diverse working styles now and in the years ahead, with 58% of those surveyed sharing that they've taken a hybrid approach in returning to work over the last year, 28% returning full-time, and 3% going fully remote.

Additionally, the survey highlights the following:

  • The diverse ways organizations have found to implement office space modification strategies.
  • The number of companies with a plan for their office space's future.
  • How workforce user analytics are helping organizations.
  • What occupancy data is currently most important.

Facility Management Infographic

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Staying Ahead of Workplace Trends with CORT Permanently Flexible™ Solutions

If bringing employees back to the office is one of your organization’s leading goals in 2023, consider CORT's Permanently Flexible™ solutions: 4SITE and CORT Furniture-as-a-Service™. Combined, these tools allow organizations to experiment within their office, measure space utilization, modify new furniture configurations, and repeat on an ongoing basis.

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