Make Your Current Office Space Work for Your Growing Company

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The latest reports have shown that daily occupancy in the world’s office buildings ranges from about 20% to 70%. This number is still low by comparison to pre-pandemic averages, which were closer to 80%. In the U.S., offices are ranging from 30-40% in major metro areas like New York and Chicago to 50% in Boston.

These figures don’t come as a surprise to some, as hybrid work has changed the norms of the workplace. All across the globe, we’re seeing remote workers returning to the office or creating modified schedules. Not only that, some industries have been able to hire and expand their workforce as well. In circumstances like this, organizations may be wondering how to accommodate all of their employees in their current floor plan.

The truth is that they probably have room for everyone — they just don't have the best space configuration. Ahead of seeking out a new lease, companies should look into what they can do with their existing office space, especially if it's suited them well thus far.

With a bit of help from space utilization sensor technology and data from 4SITE by CORT, many companies find that they can make their office more functional with a few changes and accommodate their growing workforce without a significant overhaul. They're even finding that they can make their office space one that can become Permanently Flexible™.

The Advantages of Flexible Workspaces

A permanently flexible workspace is one that accommodates current and future needs without creating disruption. Whether 20 new employees are hired within a month or a disruption comes to an organization, creating such a workspace means being prepared without a big hit to the bottom line.

One of the best ways to create a permanently flexible workspace is to consider removing assigned seating and offering a variety of different areas and shared spaces for employees to choose when and how they work. Balancing this out with quiet spaces and areas for collaboration will create a more open concept with breakaway spaces.

When combining all of this, organizations typically find that:

  • Employees are more productive
  • Company culture improves
  • The workforce is more creative and innovative
  • Collaboration increases

Using Data from Sensor Technology to Confidently Make Decisions

In a world where more organizations are finding that some, a number of their employees are transient at least some of the time, there's an increased need to know what teams are utilizing the workplace, where they're choosing to work when they arrive, and how long they’re stay. The best way to do this is through an occupancy study. Unfortunately, most options for that aren't entirely accurate. It’s in this area that 4SITE by CORT comes in and offers the tools needed to make better decisions for the workplace without leaving room for guesswork and human error.

Occupancy studies using space utilization sensor technology are not only accurate, but they begin putting together data from day one that can be accessed from a personalized dashboard at any time. When sensors are applied to commonly used areas and spaces like an unassigned seating area or conference rooms, they will begin logging when an area is in use and for how long. This is done without invading employees' personal information. It's like having the ability to be in dozens of places at once all day, every day.

With this collection of data, organizations can determine how much of their space is actually occupied each day, what areas can be modified, and where there’s room to grow within your existing office space.

Embrace a Workspace Transformation that’s Permanently Flexible with 4SITE

When evolving an office space to create an inviting environment that promotes company culture among your current employees and future hires, flexibility must be a top priority. When combining the data found with 4SITE sensor technology and CORT's Furniture-as-a-Service™ (FaaS), that’s what organizations get. We help companies experiment, measure, modify, and repeat as necessary so their space remains one that’s Permanently Flexible.

If your workplace has found itself in a place where it’s ready to grow without having to grow its physical footprint, contact 4SITE today. We'll set up a demo that shows how easy it is to implement sensor technology, how beneficial it can be to an organization, and why data-informed decision making positively impacts the workplace today, tomorrow, and beyond.