5 Reasons to Use Cloud-Based Tech Solutions for Office Efficiency

woman using cloud-based technology

Chances are you're using technology to create a more efficient process for your employees to work. So, why not consider using technology to create a more efficient office space for them to work in?

Changes in the workplace have been coming for years, and the COVID-19 pandemic sped them along. As we look at some of the office space trends that could take greater shape in 2022, creating a flexible and efficient workplace is among them. And that's not such a bad thing.

Allison Ballard, Vice President & Executive Director for 4SITE by CORT, has argued that “When evaluating the workplace of the future, flexibility may be the most important benefit of the next decade…We know remote work works, but there are no digital substitutions for in-person whiteboarding sessions.”

A flexible, efficient, office space offers many benefits that can take your business forward in ways you never imagined. With so many changes and disruptions already taking place to the way the workplace has always operated, now is the perfect time to embrace something new. Learn how you can experiment, measure, modify, and repeat within your office with cloud-based technology solutions like those offered by 4SITE by CORT.

1. Creating Optimal Environments

If you're like most businesses, your office space has likely gone unused during the pandemic. Perhaps you'd like to reduce your real estate footprint or adjust your full-time employee density. Maybe you don't need as many designated desks as you once did and would like to convert to shared space or break larger conference rooms down into smaller huddle rooms? The optimization data you get from our cloud-based space utilization technology can help you reconfigure the office layout and so much more.

2. Increasing Productivity

A more efficient workspace not only allows you to remove workflow bottlenecks, but it can also open opportunities for you to predict the future. As we've all learned, big changes can happen at the drop of a dime, and they can hinder productivity. With space optimization analytics and data from our cloud-based technology, you can realize potential demands before they materialize and limit the amount of disruption. You'll see data that picks up on trends that can help you anticipate what changes you may need to make to support your employees without seeing a major reduction in productivity. And once you do implement changes, you may even find that productivity increases more than ever before.

3. Making Data-Driven Decisions

Effective space planning shouldn't rely on basic perceptions or instincts that are prone to human error. When you provide your C-suite with space recommendations, you need to be as accurate as possible. Imagine removing the room for error that comes with observational or badge studies and providing your bosses with data-driven printouts ahead of real estate or organizational decisions that prove that optimization is needed.

4. Providing Faster Support for Changing Workplace Dynamics

Having a bit of certainty while supporting employees with how and where they do their work is more important than ever and data-driven decisions can do that. Imagine one department tells you they need five more desks, and another department on another floor has six or seven empty desks that are being underutilized because some members of this team now work from home. Wouldn't it be great to look at your data and figure out the solution in minutes? Space utilization data found with cloud-based technology can do this.

5. Retaining and Attracting Talent

Not only does data help you support the team you have, but an often-overlooked use for space utilization and optimization data is its ability to help with attracting and retaining talent. When a potential candidate visits your office for the first time, they want to see an efficient office space, even if they don't realize that's what they're looking for. They'll notice the way your office layout contributes to your company culture or how collaborative employees are with one another. This can help organizations’ image with current and new employees and by showing how committed your business is to create an environment that supports everyone.

Use Sensor Technology to Create Your Most Efficient Office Space

If you're ready to create a more efficient office space, then you're ready to implement sensor technology from 4SITE by CORT. Our easily installed sensors can go on desks, tables, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and more to help you develop hard data on space utilization. By conducting this type of data-driven office study, there's no room for human error. You can make office space layout decisions based on real-time information with confidence and clarity.

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