Learn how 4SITE captures office motion events while protecting the privacy of your workforce.


4SITE takes customer data and privacy seriously, and ensures continuous compliance by incorporating industry standard benchmarks as part of standard operating procedures for maintaining 4SITE applications and infrastructure.




Sensors capture motion events without cameras or personal identifiable information, protecting the privacy or your workforce. LoRaWAN communication protocol provides AES-128 encryption of the data payload from the sensor device through the gateway and to our database. Transport and data payloads are encrypted separately. The gateway’s secure backhaul option transports all traffic via one secure port which allows it to be compliant with corporate IT policies. Cellular backhaul options available.

4site gateway portals in a cloud
Streams of data entering cloud


Infrastructure designed to be available 24/7 and is deployed within multiple data centers with the disaster recovery procedures at every level starting from application servers to the database.

  • The application is hosted on multiple servers and is load balanced to withstand any instance level failures.
  • Databases are backed up automatically every day and snapshots are retained for 30 days and replicated to alternative regions.
  • Storage: 4SITE leverages cloud native storage which is replicated across multiple regions and is backed up and archived in long term storage.
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All of 4SITE data including application as well as data is backed up and archived.

  • Application level backups including previous releases which can be restored on our cloud platform.
  • Database backups offered by cloud platform which get synced to multiple regions.
  • Cloud native storage for storing the artifacts of the application and access logs of the application, which moves data for long-term archival and backup.
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The way you run your business, the needs of your employees and the role of your workplace are as unique as the challenges they bring. 4SITE and 4SITE PRO offer different levels of data that provides specific information for your specific needs.


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