Lease Expiration

The way organizations use their office space has changed, and as a tenant, it’s imperative for you to factor in these changes and start making plans for your next commercial lease.


Common questions to ask when your lease expiration is coming up:
- How will my workforce want to use the office?
- Should I renew my current commercial lease?
- Do we need to downsize our office space?

No matter what size your business is, 4SITE is an affordable solution that uses sensor technology to give you access to unbiased data about how your workplace is being used. Now you can make informed data-driven decisions about your next commercial lease as well as the future of your workplace.


The future of commercial leasing

The commercial leasing industry has been disrupted, forever changing the dynamics of lease terms and space requirements. Learn how sensor tech can give you the confidence to make the right decisions when it’s time to commit to a real estate plan.
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Should we stay or should we go when our lease is up for renewal?

Renewing, restructuring or finding a new commercial lease may be one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner. It’s important to consider these five mistakes before you sign that dotted line:
  • Don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Consider all of your options. Don’t always go with the cheapest option.
  • Consider your company’s future needs.
  • Consider the cost of moving your office space.
  • Ask for help with your renewal.
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The financial impact of using 4SITE

Gain clear insights into your workspace use, identifying areas where you can unlock capital tied up in real estate. 4SITE takes a multi-faceted approach to space-related ROI and how to drive it for your organization.

Employee productivity

How much productivity is gained through a better designed office environment?


3% employee productivity gains averages greater than 9X ROI year one.

Workstation utilization

How much optimized utilization of shared space occurs?


5% optimization in workstation use yields 4X ROI year one.

Real estate

How much can I mitigate financial exposure to unproductive real estate?


Average reduction of 15% yields 25X ROI over five-year lease term.


Understand what you need, moving forward


In order to make smart decisions when facing lease renewal or lease restructure, it’s important to understand trends in the workplace as well as utilizing sensor technology data that reflects the evolving needs of your workforce. Actionable data is the key to making sound decisions that could very well save a substantial sum while helping you choose office space that best suits your business needs.

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Why 4SITE?

Let our sensor technology give you the 4SITE to make smart business decisions based on real data.

Optimizing the needs and space requirements of your office will save your organization tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your lease, as well as improve overall productivity. 4SITE sensor technology will ensure your business matches your needs with the appropriate space, eliminating unnecessary square footage and costs.