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The physical office is an ever-evolving space. What works one moment may not be fit for the next. This is why embedding flexibility in your operations and workplace solutions is so crucial. This opportunity not only provides your organization with the ability to pivot when necessary but also limits your financial exposure and provides a way to optimize your space to accommodate how your workforce wants to work.

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The physical office has evolved

What we want and need from our workspaces today has shifted. Now more than ever, the workplace needs to prove itself. This has prompted a profound and lasting reconsideration of what the modern office is and how it will need to evolve.

4SITE workplace occupancy and space utilization sensors provide data-driven insights into where space optimization is needed. These insights ultimately assist with:

  • attracting employees back into the office

  • improving efficiency within the workplace

  • modifying furniture configurations where needed


Four Key Steps

To meet the needs of an evolving workplace, we believe in taking four key steps:



Embrace flexibility and get creative with a variety of types of spaces, providing your employees with options to accomplish their work and meet their needs.


Utilize sensor data that tells you what space is or isn’t being used, and for how long it is used, to make ongoing decisions about changes needed to your furniture configurations while gathering data to inform long term office space needs.


Opt for furniture rental for flexibility and choice around which pieces are right for your space and your unique workforce, right now. This way you give your people what they want and minimize exposure to unproductive office space and furniture asset management expenses.


Understand that your workspace needs are dynamic. Measuring space use and experimenting with different office space configurations is a continuous effort to keep up with the evolution of your workplace and your workforce needs.


Move forward efficiently with 4SITE data


4SITE sensor data delivers the workplace analytics you need in making long-term optimization decisions regarding your office retrofit. Workplace analytics can answer questions like “Is this space working for my workforce now?”, “What type of space is needed for what comes next?”, and “Should I stay or go when my lease is up for renewal?”


Our workplace occupancy sensors can provide customized reporting and data about space utilization rates, which is key for any organizations, especially those with shared desks and reservation systems. By keeping a portion of your assets permanently flexible, you limit exposure and provide employees flexibility and choice.


Furnish seamlessly with
CORT Furniture-as-a-Service™ (FaaS)


Your office is not a static place.
Your furniture needs and office configurations will change over time. Adding CORT Furniture as a Service (FaaS) to your furniture asset management strategy provides you the flexibility to change up the workplace while limiting your financial exposure.


Why 4SITE?


4SITE sensor technology empowers you to collect actionable information across multiple dimensions of time and location and make smarter data-driven decisions about how to best optimize your office space. Make planning, operations, space usage and employee utilization decisions confidently with 4SITE workplace occupancy sensors.