Space Optimization

Your office space is a major asset. And it’s expensive. Space optimization allows you to make the best use of your office space and real estate investment, ensuring your workspace is used in the most efficient way possible.
Whether you rent or own the space, making sure it’s optimized is important for your bottom line, and when you do that, you’re more likely to retain employees and see a boost in productivity. By placing 4SITE sensors in your workspace, you can accurately measure if, when, and how the space is being used, gather and import data, and analyze that data to help you make decisions about your office space.

Use sensor technology for better optimization

Chances are you're using technology to create a more efficient process for your employees to work. So why not consider using technology to create a more flexible office space for them to work in?
Space utilization sensor technology can help you answer questions like "Is this space working for my workforce now?" and "What type of space is needed for what comes next?"

Understanding your space utilization allows you to maximize your space usage while increasing your ability to become a Permanently Flexible™ workplace.
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What does a space utilization sensor do?

While they may seem small, space utilization sensors are mighty in terms of what they deliver. 4SITE sensors can be placed around your workplace to inform how employees are interacting with the office. They can be placed on desks or in meeting rooms and will provide an unbiased accurate data about the usage of that desk or space without disrupting employees’ workday.
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Increase productivity, increase ROI

Current conditions have created a desire in the marketplace to have a greater understanding around the use of space. The data from 4SITE sensors shows the high usage areas and dwell time across your office space. This data can help you design an office environment where productivity can thrive.

Modifying space configurations based on objective data, yielding modest 3% employee productivity gains, generates an average greater than 9X ROI in the first year.

A great case for space utilization

Regions Bank partnered with 4SITE to reduce square footage, maintenance and associated costs in their locations. In the end, they achieved 5x annualized ROI in real estate savings.


Why 4SITE?

Let our sensor technology give you the 4SITE to make smart business decisions based on real data.

Optimizing the needs and space requirements of your office will save your organization tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your lease, as well as improve overall employee productivity. 4SITE sensor technology will ensure your business matches your needs with the appropriate space, eliminating unnecessary square footage and costs.